Charter Service

Arrange Service

To request a quote or reserve a date you can call our dispatch office or use the online webform above.

Questions or Concerns

For any questions or concerns regarding your upcoming event please call our dispatch office at (716) 488-7099.


Limousine Bus

- 22 Passenger Capacity
- Rear Stereo
- Flat Screen TV with DVD/CD Player
- Built-In Cooler
- Cup Holders
- Party Lights
- Rear Storage

Standard Shuttle

- 20 Passenger Capacity
- Rear Stereo
- Cup Holders

Safety Procedures

Prehire Procedures

All of our Bus Drivers and Bus Monitors are subject to background checks, physicals, and drug screens both pre-employment and random.

Recurring Training

Our Bus Drivers are subject to annual road tests and physicals. All of our staff attends semi-annual retraining seminars to ensure everyone is focused on providing the safest transportation possible.

GPS Tracking

All of our vehilces are equipped with real-time GPS devices. These devices allow us to see where all of our vehicles are at all times, and help us to provide exact pick-up and drop-off times.

Vehicle Maintenance

All of our vehicles are subject to FMCSA and DOT regulations and are inspected semi-annually by the Department of Transportation.

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